I have been studying with Steve since 2010, so it’s been almost 8 years now. I cannot be more grateful for him and his teaching because he rescued me from my previous cello hell! His liveliness, enthusiasm, precision and dedication allowed me to become a cellist I never would have imagined. His incessant learning has pushed himself and his students to become better. He keeps discovering new and more efficient ways to play this difficult instrument which is what makes him an amazing cellist. Whatever he discovers, he shares with his students. He lives and breathes the cello, and only the cello, not the violin or the viola, as this is common in musicians to be trained on multiple stringed instruments. He dedicates all his time to the cello.

I used to study with an amateur cello teacher in Sacramento and within the first 3 lessons she tried to teach me how to play the Bach Suite I Prelude…. Now looking back, was she serious!? That’s probably the best way to scare away a potential cellist! I was indeed intimidated and frustrated. I couldn’t hold the bow with ease and power. My notes were all out of tune and she couldn’t find a way to fix it. The more I was studying with Steve, the more I realized how terrible my old teacher was. Now I can play almost all movements in Suite I somewhat in tune and definitely 10 times better! Steve gave sense to the seemingly impossible instrument with no frets but strings that are thick like spaghetti, only they are metal spaghetti.

I cannot say enough good things about him. I have witnessed his ups and downs in the past 7 years. He is a very open and honest person which makes it wonderful to work with him. He went through a lot of life sh1t in the recent years, and it’s a huge loss for those students who left him because of that. I looked past all that because he’s an awesome cello teacher and a human being as well. Even one of the students who left told me afterwards that no doubt Steve is the best cellist in San Diego. I’m glad he’s doing much better now and hope more cellists can benefit from him.

I’m so glad I found Steve!